A new super soft pad

In our Dutch plant, we manufacture innovative premium cotton pads to answer to consumers’ expectations: softness, resistance and no fleece. It makes the make up removal easier.
Our tests have shown that our new Prosoft cotton pads are the most appreciated on the market!

Main consumer expectations


Softness : 39%
Resistance : 11%
No fleece : 8%

Groupe Lemoine’s answer


In our Dutch plant we have created a new cotton pad to answer to those consumer needs. We have worked on a technology that would bring softness, resistance and reduce the fleece.

The market studies that has been done on more than 400 consumers show that the most appreciated product on the market is this new cotton pad. This innovation is seen as the most resistant and soft pad on the market and the fleece is conscequently reduce.

Our studies have shown that our NEW pad were the most appreciated cotton pads on the market !