Our Values

Our company’s mission is to offer consumers the most qualitative cotton products, and more generally, hygiene and beauty products at the best price.

This objective guides our activities and decisions on a daily basis and is supported by our values.



Trust in the future
We consider it a pre-requisite to our decision-making process and action.

Trust in the company
The company relies on its employees. This trust makes dialogue, solidarity and cohesion possible. Humans and individuals are placed in the heart of our business.

Trust with the company’s partner
Essential to the development of relationships with our selected partners (customers, suppliers, banks, institutions, etc.)



Challenging ideas
Innovation applies to all departments of the company and constitutes our driving force, which enables our permanent transformation and ultimately competitiveness. We believe that nothing is ever to be taken for granted and that there is always room for improvement.

Product innovation
We put special emphasis on product innovation. Making new products emerge significantly contributes to our company’s leadership and level of excellence.



We run our business with passion for the fulfilment of the men and women who are working in the company, for the products we manufacture, and eventually for the development of our activity.

We are above all operational and we do not mind rolling up our sleeves when necessary.

As we consider that each and every one wherever in the organization has the ability to contribute to improving the company’s performance, initiative is strongly encouraged.



Our activity takes place within a globalised economy, which is subject to short business cycles and a high incidence of major events, changing the rules on a regular basis.

We pay therefore very special attention to changes in the world economy and we take into account customers’ existing or potential requirements. This attitude enables us to react and adapt rapidly.



We undertake to make a social contribution, to safeguard our environment, to protect our regional links and to compensate employees and shareholders fairly.

We fight to improve on a permanent basis and to ensure we are capable of getting through to the next stages which will enable us to stand out on the market.

We define measurable objectives that we strive to reach.