Cotton Buds

A driving force for innovation in this field, with over 8 different buds and 15 references, we offer our clients a solution for all consumer requirements, even the most specific.

Traditional cotton buds

Cleansing of the ear canal, or fine housework
Stick: plastic or paper; coloured, printed or grooved.
Tips: 100% cotton
Stick customization possible according to the quantity ordered.


Baby safety buds

Safe cleansing of baby’s ears, nose and belly button thanks to the special tip.
Stick: plastic or paper; coloured, printed or grooved.
Tip: 2 parts, one large part to clean surfaces and making bud use safer; at the end, a smaller part to efficiently cleanse areas of the body that are harder to reach.


Cosmetic buds

For the finishing touches to make-up and/or make-up removal with 4 types of tips
Stick: paper or plastic; coloured, printed or grooved.

Mascara: Grooved mascara corrector tip. Use: removes excess mascara, passes between the eyelashes.
Pointed: Pointed tip for correcting make-up and optimising make-up removal.
Flat: Flat tip to make eye shadow application easier.
Standard tip: Corrects more significant make-up flaws.


Safety Stick

Innovation 2011

We have created the Safety Stick, patented FR1152745.
In comparison with a standard stick, the diameter of the Safety Stick’s tips is wider and contains a more important quantity of cotton. Thus, during use, the Safety Stick presents no hazards whatsoever to the user and meets expectations.

Stick: PP

Tips: Larger than a standard bud, makes cotton bud use safer. Thanks to its thick bud and design, it cannot go too far into the ear canal thus preventing the risk of piercing the eardrum. The thicker bud absorbs excess water in the ears after the shower.


Organic cotton buds

GOTS certified by Ecocert Greenlife
Stick: paper
Tip: 100 % organic cotton


Fair-trade cotton buds: FLO-CERT-certified

Stick: paper
Tip: 100% fair-trade cotton (Max Havelaar label)


Colored buds and box

To liven up the shelves, we have improved our premium monobloc products :
– 2 colors sticks
– Assorted colored boxes
In a range of 8 colors, we will create a real animation on shelves and at consumers home.