Cotton Pads

We offer a wide variety of pads defined by a large number of shapes, fleece weight, embossing and packaging formats. Market leader for a number of years and innovation pioneer, we contribute to the development of this category of products

Our pad shapes

We can propose all our products, in different shapes of pad.


Standard Pad

We offer various shapes of standard pads, 100% cotton.
Round, square, oval and rectangular pads


Duo pad

These pads have two sides: one smooth side for applying the lotion, an embossed side for removing make-up.


Duo stitched

We offer a combination of 2 processes: cotton softness and hold by stitches.
Round, oval square, organic or fair-trade shaped make-up remover pads


GOTS certified organic cotton

Organic cotton pads
We are Gots certified by GOTS Ecocert Greenlife.


Fair trade pads

Our pads can be produced in Fair Trade cotton.
We offer a full range of Fair Trade cotton pads for proposing all our shapes.