Safety Easy Box

Consumer needs

Safety & Hygiene

Our consumer researches have revealed that packaging convenience is the main criteria of choice on the cotton buds market. Thus, among a range of cotton buds, 71% users decide to purchase the product with the most convenient packaging.

Consumers are also expecting a packaging that minimise the risks of spilling the cotton buds out of the box while opening or closing it.


Groupe Lemoine’s solution

So we decided to work on a rectangular box meeting these expectations. With our technical teams and a design agency we have developed a packaging which is as practical as it is innovative and attractive: the Safety Easy Box, a registered design.

The Safety Easy Box meets all market needs as it is:

Practical : the lid and the bottom part are connected by a hinge, and remain attached even after the user opens it thereby simplifying the open/close system.

Safer and hygienic: minimise the spilling risks while the consumer is opening or closing the box.

Attractive: we have worked in collaboration with a design agency and our technical teams to deliver an attractive, rounded, shapely and modern box.

Innovative: insofar as packaging of cotton are concerned, rectangular boxes of this type do not exist.

Decorative: as it is attractive, the box is bound to be placed at a better vantage point rather than being relegated to the back of the shelf. Consumers will be faced daily with the product and the frequency of its use is bound to increase.