Safety Stick

Consumer needs

  1. 98% of the interviewees use cotton buds and 44% are aware of the risks associated with an inappropriated use of the product. If given the choice on shelves,
  2. 50% would much rather opt for a safe product
  3. At the same time, there is a real need for absorption of the cotton buds. The consumer can feel a discomfort caused by water remaining in the pinna and sliding along the ear canal. In that case, the cotton buds can prove to be a solution to alleviate the discomfort.

Groupe Lemoine’s solution

In collaboration with the ear, nose and throat doctors and hearing care professionals, we worked on a stick ensuring:

  1. Safety for the users as regards to their major fears: tearing of the eardrum and irritation of the ear canal,
  2. Strong absorption qualities.

We have created the Safety Stick, patented FR1152745.
In comparison with a standard stick, the diameter of the Safety Stick’s tips is wider and contains a greater quantity of cotton. Thus, during use, the Safety Stick presents no hazards whatsoever to the user and meets his expectations.


Developed in collaboration with ENT specialists, the tip cannot go deep into the ear canal. The cotton tip is 6.35mm of diameter, 25% more than a standard stick. This way, the user can clean the pinna, as well as the first one-third part of the ear canal. But, if he uses it normally, he will not be able to go deeper.


Coming out of the shower, for example, we all have water remaining in the first one-third part of the ear canal and the pinna creating a discomfort which could lead to ear infections. More than twice the standard tips’, the quantity of cotton contained in the tips of Safety Stick allows for better absorption and stops water from slipping into the ear canal. In addition, we choose special cotton fibers that enhance the absorption capacity of cotton and its softness.