Additional range

To meet the needs of certain customers, we have diversified our offer
by developing products complementary to our traditional ranges.

Cotton in every variety!

Obstetric and gynaecological pads

Developed for the first weeks after delivery, our gynaecological pads are 100% cotton and viscose knit for maximum comfort and efficacy. Available in different weights (7g or 10g), they are offered in batches of x10 or x20 units.


Their hollow stem may contain an active liquid for all types of use.  By breaking the coloured end, the liquid descends and impregnates the cotton tip, so enabling a practical and perfectly targeted application.  Our manufacturing site is authorised to package products: Cosmetics, First aid, Medical, Veterinary, Current use, Tests, Biocide …


We also have a full range of dressings. These products can benefit from logistical optimisation thanks to grouped delivery with our cotton products.

Our other products