Medical devices

Since March 2020, the Groupe Lemoine teams have been working tirelessly to deal with the shortage of essential medical devices.
In France, Groupe Lemoine is proud to be the leading French manufacturer of swabs required for COVID-19 testing.
France and the Netherlands are all now expanding surgical mask production. In this unprecedented crisis, Groupe Lemoine is committed to an industrial revitalisation in Europe and is loyal to the values that have driven it for more than forty years – commitment, responsiveness and solidarity.


This is a Class 1 medical device, compliant with standard NF EN 14683 Type II and IIR. The surgical mask is intended to prevent drops sprayed by the person wearing the mask towards people around him and to protect him.

Specifications :

  • Bacteria filtration efficiency > 98% of a 3 µm average size aerosol
  • Non-sterile, single-use, packed in various sizes: Flowpack of 10, 12, 20 and 50 masks
  • Material: Non-woven polypropylene constructed in various ways
  • Attached by two elastic strips
  • Built-in nose clip

Solidarity with Ukraine

The tragic news prompted us to create a limited edition in solidarity and fraternity with Ukraine for the benefit of the humanitarian association Acted.

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