"RECIPE",the recipe for success

If the search for excellence is embedded in our DNA, it is also based on a foundation of strong values,
guiding our decision-making and actions.

These values form the recipe of our success:

R... for Responsiveness

Adapting to new regulatory requirements and market developments requires real responsiveness in our decision-making. 

This reactive stance allows us to be a precursor to consumer expectations and to meet new challenges internationally.

E... for Engagement

Engagement or commitment is expressed in many ways within our company. 

We are committed to our customers and our suppliers, with whom we build relationships of trust.  We are also committed to our employees by pursuing a virtuous HR policy.  Finally, our actions in the area of sustainable development reflect our commitment to safeguarding the planet.

C... for Confidence

Among the core values that make up our DNA, confidence and trust are surely the motors that has made us a world leader.

Confidence in the future first of all, because nothing great can be achieved without daring!  Confidence internally too, since we strive to create and nurture an on-going dialogue with our employees.  Finally, external confidence because we are committed to developing close relationships with all our partners: customers, suppliers, banks, local authorities …

I... for Innovation

Because nothing is ever fixed and everything can be improved on, we attach particular importance to research and innovation.  Innovation is essential to ensure our leadership and competitiveness in a highly competitive market.

It creates a collective dynamic and remains the key to sustainable growth.

P... for Passion

We experience our job with passion! 

This enthusiasm is reflected in the products we manufacture and in the well-being they bring … This momentum leads us to meet new challenges every day,  while inspiring the creativity of the men and women who work with us.

E... for Excellence

A good dose of responsiveness and commitment, a great deal of trust and innovation, a lot of passion … This is the recipe for Excellence!

This quest that we conduct every day to offer the best to our customers.  It is expressed in our capacity for innovation, but also through our commitment to environmental conservation, responsible purchasing and committed HR policy.