Cotton wool

Whether in strips, rolls or small white or coloured balls,
our cotton wool range meets all consumer requirements.


Pre-cut or not, 100% cotton, we can produce all types of ZZ sachets. Diverse capacities (from 50g to 200g), in sachets of various qualities (transparent or frosted) and finally closed in several manners (welded, cord or zip).


Our cotton rolls are available in sizes from 50g to 1000g. Sheets of paper can also be added to certain formats.


100% cotton, our cotton ball range comes in different weights and colours (white or coloured).


A soft and delicate texture respecting the skin.


Our cotton wool is treated to ensure optimal absorption capacity.

Possible certifications

Lemoine N°EGL/ 63984

Lemoine N°EGL/ 64712

Lemoine N°EGL/ 149792

Lemoine N°EGL/ 155020

Lemoine N°EGL/ 235855

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