We have bud models in shapes and sizes suitable for all family use:
ear hygiene for big and small ears, make-up retouches…

Cotton in every variety!

The tips

The standard, premium, baby or cosmetic sticks are distinguished by the shape and size of their tip.  Depending on the use, these “customised” tips provide more comfort, more safety or more accuracy.  The Group also offers cotton tips from organic farming and fair trade.

The stick

Stick ranges can be developed in standard or FSC-Certified format and can be white or coloured.


In family or nomadic formats, plastic or cardboard, neutral or customisable at will, our packaging adapts to all needs!

Baby Care

In both bud and pad form, we have developed a special baby range which is easy for parents to use and guarantees maximum comfort for babies. Our baby buds have a specially designed tip that is completely safe to use. Several packaging options are available, including plastic boxes and Décoboxes.



All our sticks are designed for optimal comfort.



The quality and finish of our sticks makes them safe to use without any hesitation.

Possible certifications

Lemoine N°EGL/ 63984

Lemoine N°EGL/ 64712

Lemoine N°EGL/ 149792

Lemoine N°EGL/ 155020

Lemoine N°EGL/ 235855

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