For make-up removal or changing baby, round, square, oval, crimped, embossed …
Our cotton pads are suitable for all your daily needs.

Cotton in every variety!


In make-up removal products, the structured side is for make-up removal and the smooth side is for applying the lotion.

The extracts

For the gentle touch, we can add the following extracts to the cotton: aloe vera, silk protein or sweet almond oil.


The crimped edges add extra strength and hold to the cotton and give a very premium tailored look.

Baby Care

In both bud and pad form, we have developed a special baby range tailored to the specific needs of babies and their parents. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, our maxi-square baby pads are designed to be kind and gentle on a baby’s skin. Thick and resistant, they are also comfortable for parents to use.


We offer 100% cotton products in standard, organic* or fair trade quality.
*Cotton from organic farming


Our products exist in various weights and sizes to best meet the diverse needs of the markets.

Possible certifications

Lemoine N°EGL/ 63984

Lemoine N°EGL/ 64712

Lemoine N°EGL/ 149792

Lemoine N°EGL/ 155020

Lemoine N°EGL/ 235855